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A place dedicated to supporting its community of pet owners and their animal families.

About Us

I am Alexander Acuna, the person who created and financially funded CommuniPets.

You may wonder, why did I create CommuniPets?

Here’s Why – Imagine a Revolutionary New idea where a Pet Community is supported by its members and where all actions and Money are reported monthly showing all Financial Activities with complete Transparency on where your money goes. This is the idea of CommuniPets, but like any great idea, it needs money. I have taken it as far as I can financially. I need your help in growing and supporting this one-of-a-kind new Social Media Pet Community!

Welcome to CommuniPets a new idea where Its Time has come!

CommuniPets an online community populated only by pet lovers. A safe space to share your special pet relationship with other pet lovers. Laugh together, learn from each other, share your special projects and pet ventures. A safe place where you and your children can build your own peer-to-peer groups and community of fans, with an ability to reach out to all of them, without interference from the platform.

That platform has arrived and is available now! CommuniPets, is a place dedicated to supporting its community of pet owners and their animal families.

Become a part of this special CommuniPets community and help Us build the dream.

  • Download the Free CommuniPets App and start sharing right away.
  • Become a Supporting Member and contribute to the construction of this community.
  • Find your niche as a pet owner, professional pet service provider, or as an innovator of your own focus to express the joy of sharing… pet love, pet lore, pet adventures, and the like.

Your additional membership as a Supporting Member will help us build all the services needed to develop CommuniPets and build your individual communities.

When you financially support this community, your memberships keep CommuniPets operating, growing, paying for expenses. Your support as a CommuniPets, allows the platform to serve all of its members, to the fullest extent possible.

The very features that many of you have been asking for, including Filters, Hashtags, Videos, Multi-image Posting, Chat/Messenger, Stories, Stickers, and everything else we need to thrive in our pet-loving community.

Members will have access to great benefits and services valuable to pets and their owners. By creating a large community of Pet owners, we will have a large buying power base to negotiate on products and services as large Organizations and Unions do.

Join CommuniPets today and let’s start building “Your Community”.